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Neues Bier: Rider

Wir haben Neuigkeiten! Wir haben neues Bier gebraut, das im unserem Standardsortiment bleibt: RIDER, das Session NEIPA. NEIPA, New England India Pale Ale, ist ein

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We only work with high quality malts, hops and yeast. Malts are freshly crushed on brew day and hops are stored under the best conditions. The high-fermenting yeast is handled with care: gentle preparation and controlled temperatures throughout the fermentation stages. To secure natural flavours and character, our beers are unfiltered und unpasteurised.

The name Peak River was inspired by our love for nature and outdoor living.


Pale Ale

Medium body with smoothness and richness coming from Maris Otter and Vienna malts. Golden, amber colour with a light haze. Delicate bitterness that makes Outsider an accessible Pale Ale. Flavours of mango, citrus, and pine combined with light herbal and passion fruit aromas.


5,3 %




330 ml



Outsider is great on any sunny day, be it on the green hills or white slopes.
Yet, it has the body and characteristics to make it the year-round beer for any occasion.

water, barley malt, oats, hops & high-fermenting yeast


India Pale Ale

COMING SOON! – Medium body with a smoothness brought by Maris Otter malts. Lively amber colour with a delicate haze.

Mild bitterness that’s balanced by an alcohol level of 6.5%. The hops bring earthy undertones complemented by flavours of citrus, tropical fruits, lime, and notes of grapefruit.


6,5 %




330 ml



Bushwalker is an IPA for all seasons that can be enjoyed by itself, but also has great food-pairing possibilities.
It gives a nice balance to dishes with strong flavours, such as Asian, Mexican and seasoned red meat.

water, barley malt, oats, hops & high-fermenting yeast


Peak River is a nano brewery, located in the center of Mels SG, passionately crafting beers in small batches. After years of making beers for own consumption and friends, the big step was made to upscale production and start selling to beer lovers anywhere. The brewery was founded in the summer of 2021 with its first beers ready for sale in November. Peak River beer is brewed in batches of 200 liter, using the Speidel Braumeister. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled pressure tanks, which allows the beer to keep its hop flavours and aroma, as well as naturally carbonate.
Bag of Malts


Peak River Craft Beers GmbH

Wangserstrasse 18
8887 Mels

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